Year 11 Pathway and Course Selection

Year 11 Pathway Selection

One of the important considerations in choosing your courses for Year 11 and Year 12 is maximising your chance of entry to University, TAFE or Employment. It is, therefore, important for students to carefully consider their background and capacity to undertake their chosen units. Year 11 and 12 units vary considerably in content and skills, their level of complexity and the learning styles they suit.

Lumen Christi College specifies minimum standards of achievement (Prerequisites) at Year 10 level for entry into Year 11 and 12 Courses. We do this because it has been proven that the best indicator of future success in a course is past achievement in a related course (i.e. one which develops relevant concepts and skills).


For some students the choice is easy, but for many it's not.
You may need ideas or help to decide which pathway is right for you. 

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