General Pathway

This pathway is designed for students aiming to enter further training or the workforce directly following Graduation from the College. 

Registered Training Organisations (RTO) (including State Training Providers (STP) formerly known as TAFE Colleges) account for 40 percent of school leavers. RTOs offer a wide range of practical courses, typically of shorter duration than university courses. 

At an RTO, Certificate II courses can normally be completed in six months; Certificate III courses in one year and Diploma courses over two years. Fees are payable, depending on the level of the qualification and its resources requirements. Some courses are eligible for VET FEE Help. In 2014, course fees for Certificate I-IV courses were capped at $2500. Employment rates for graduates vary depending on industry needs and economic circumstances at the time. Click here for more information.

If you wish to undertake the General/VET Pathway you need to choose six (6) courses of which one or two must be a VET Course.

These courses generally do not have long examinations, although students will sit an Externally Set Task (50 minutes) in Year 12.

A VET course will give a student a minimum Certificate II qualification. The College offers two types of VET courses: VET @LUMEN and VET @TAFE. In a VET at Lumen course, all study is undertaken at the College. In a VET at TAFE course the student attends a TAFE College one day a week. VET at TAFE students gain one study period each other day and need to catch up on the work they missed on the day they attend TAFE.

If you wish to undertake the General/VET pathway you need to choose six (6) courses

  • Select 1 or 2 VET courses (Only one VET at TAFE course can be taken)
  • select  GENERAL English  (Students who are in Category 1 from OLNA testing in Writing or Reading must select Foundations English) 
  • Students must select GENERAL Religion & Life GENERAL
  • 2 or 3 other GENERAL courses with at least one being a LIST B GENERAL course (you may select 1 ATAR course (you must meet the prerequisites) but many students change back to a General course in Year 12)

Having done all the above, you are in a position to fulfil the requirements to gain a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). In addition to selecting your six (6) courses as directed above, students need to:

  • pass all three components (writing, reading and numeracy) of the Online Literacy and Numeracy (OLNA) by the end of Year 12,
  • to achieve at least 14 C’s from the units over the two years with at least 6 coming from Year 12. (Each course in Year 11 consists of two units which then follow on to each course in Year 12 consisting of 2 units. Over the two years students complete 24 units.)

Please Note:

  • You may change your selections and resubmit as many times as you wish up until the deadline.
  • If you have any questions about the process please see Mr Don Parnell (Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning)
  • Once all forms are submitted, the College produces a Yr 11 Timetable. This places courses in six combinations. If the number of students who have selected a particular course is very low it may not be able to be offered. Some combinations of subjects will not fit the timetable. If your combination does not fit the timetable you will be contacted by the Deputy of Teaching and Learning to find an alternate selection.

If you wish to select the General Pathway:

  1. Select  General/VET Pathway – Course Selection

  2. Select subjects where you have met the minimum entry standard (prerequisite) from Semester One Year 10

  3. Submit the form by the deadline