The English Learning Area at Lumen Christi College endeavours to provide students with two major competencies before they graduate from Year 12. Firstly, we endeavour enable students to express themselves in clear and concise prose. Secondly, we aim to provide students with the critical skills required to comprehend, interpret and analyse narratives, poetry, drama and non-print texts such as documentaries, feature and short films and television drama.

We believe this work adequately equips students to make a positive impression when presenting themselves to the workforce, within TAFE or a university setting. Skills gained through the English courses assist individuals to demonstrate their ability to function effectively in society and to learn from their experiences.

Our learning environment promotes the importance of making good, personal judgements in life, based on the Catholic ethos. Our assessments incorporate human values and human worth as well as academic rigour. Attention is therefore given to technical, academic and spiritual values.

Lower School

In the Lower School (Years 7-10) a general English course is offered. Students, who lag behind their peers in literacy skills, are offered in-class support. Where appropriate, students who demonstrate a special giftedness in literacy will be offered extension opportunities.

Upper School

In the Upper School (Years 11 and 12) a range of paired courses is on offer:


Course 1A/B is provided in Year 11 level for students who have experienced some limitations in their achievement in English during Year 10. This pair of units offers a stimulating study of contemporary communication, whilst emphasising organisational and literacy skills.

Course 2A/B is available to Year 11students with well developed literacy skills. These units enable students to deepen their understanding of the way language is used for different contexts, purposes and audiences.

Course 1C/D is offered in Year 12 to students who require practical communication skills and who are heading for tertiary study in a TAFE environment. The units emphasise speaking and listening skills as well as written competence. A pass in these units will meet the requirements of English language competence needed for secondary graduation.

Courses 3A/B, are available to Year 12 students. The emphasis is on comprehension skills, through the inter-textual study of feature articles, print and non-print texts. Students who take these units will be above average writers and readers. These courses lead to University entrance.