Health & PE

Health and Physical Education at Lumen Christi College is concerned with the principles behind good health and physical fitness. Lumen offers a large and varied range of sports for students to participate in.

Intelligence and skill can only function at its peak capacity when the body is healthy & strong.

Outdoor Education

Students will be exposed to a number of different sports and physical activities over the course of a year at Lumen Christi. Students will experience varied activities in each term and each Year group has a different set of activities. 

Some of the sports that are part of the Lumen Christi Physical Education curriculum are:

Athletics, Swimming, Football (Auskick), Tee Ball, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Netball, Soccer, Cricket, Flag Belt Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Handball, Tennis, Archery and Badminton. 

Health Education

The Lower School Health course covers areas of puberty and human sexuality, drug awareness, relationships, nutrition and mental health. The program and resources will be in keeping with the guidelines for Catholic Schools in Western Australia. 

Lower School Program

Each student will bring home a Course Outline specific to their year that outlines the Health and Physical Education program for their year, which includes a permission slip for parents/guardians to sign and return. 

Upper School Program

Students in Year 11 and 12 have the option of completing Health and Physical Education at the TEE/WACE level. The option to complete a vocational education certificate is coming soon. 

Specialist Sport Programs

Students from Years 10-12 may choose to enrol in a Specialist Sport Program. Lumen Christi College offers very successful Specialist programs in Soccer, Netball and Cricket. Recent success includes three students awarded scholarships in the USA for Women's Soccer. Read more about the students here.

After School Sport

Lumen Christi is proud to offer a range of After School Sports for our students. Sports that are offered are:

  • Netball
  • AFL Football
  • Soccer
  • Gymnastics
  • Rugby
  • Touch Rugby
  • Basketball

For more information about After School Sport including training times and fixtures please click here.

Inter-school Sport

Lumen Christi participates in the Association and Catholic Colleges (ACC) Inter-school Sport league. Sports included as part of the ACC are:

  • Swimming
  • Cross-country
  • Athletics

For more information about Inter-school Sport please click here. 


Getting students out of their normal routine and their comfort zone is a great way to enrich the learning experience, improve self-confidence and form new friendships and group team building. 

Lumen Christi offers a range of Sports Tours to students that vary from year to year. In 2013 students will take part in the Mount Hotham Ski Tour to be held in the July school holidays. 

For more information about the Ski Tour please click here.