Humanities & Social Sciences

group of six Geography students on a field trip

Humanities and Social Sciences students encompasses History, Geography, Economics and Politics & Law.  It is a compulsory subject for all students in Years 7-10.  

Lower School

The Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area develops student’s understandings of how and why individuals and groups live together; interact with and within their environment; manage resources; and create institutions and systems. 

Students further understand that, over time, these relationships and interactions may change to varying degrees.

Students develop these understandings through processes of social inquiry, environmental appraisal, ethical analysis and the skills to constructively critique various perspectives from past and present contexts. 

They are encouraged to apply their understandings and skills in their own lives, in developing environmental consciousness, social competence and civic responsibility. In doing so, they are engaged in actively exploring, making sense of and contributing to improving the world around them.

The Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area also offers many after school study sessions to provide additional support to those students who require further consolidation of the material taught in class. As a part of these study sessions, students are provided with revision techniques to assist them with their assessments. We also have a dedicated ‘wiki’ to enhance the students learning experience and opportunities in and out of the classroom.


When studying the History units at lower school, students discover the Ancient World, Medieval Europe & Asia, The New World and Australian History, as well as the causes and consequences of World War I and World War II. 


When studying the Geography units the students study Physical, Human and Environmental Geography as they explore the world around them – a particular focus is placed on Australia in each year level. 


Students studying the Economics units in lower school concentrate on financial literacy skills, budgeting and wise stock market investment practices and they learn about the key economic issues that confront the Australian and World economies. 

Politics & Law

Finally, students have the opportunity to study Australia’s Political and Legal System through a series of case studies and debates. This unit allows them to develop a sense of civic responsibility as well as an understanding of their rights and privileges.

Upper School

Students who choose to continue Humanities and Social Sciences subjects in year 11 and 12 enrol in individual subjects; History, Geography, Economics and Politics and Law

Upper School students enrolled in History and/or Geography also have the opportunity to participate in a School Trip to aid their personal development, understanding and appreciation of the subjects.