Politics & Law

Politics and Law

[1A and 1B]

The study of Politics and Law can be a valuable background to careers such as law, political advocacy, public administration, community development, teaching, journalism, government and commerce.

Politics and Law is a study of the processes of decision-making concerning society’s collective future. It aims to develop knowledge of the principles, structures, institutions and processes of political and legal systems primarily in Australia.  

It brings together the judicial, executive and legislative arms of government to demonstrate how society is governed and examines the philosophy and values on which society is governed.

The focus for the 1A unit is political and legal decision-making. Students examine the difference between democratic and non-democratic systems of government, how laws are made and the means of participation by individuals and groups in different systems. 

The focus for the 1B unit is civil and political rights. Students examine the settlement of disputes in society and the ways in which individuals’ rights can be promoted or undermined.