Science is part of our everyday lives and it is the goal of the Lumen Christi College Science Department to teach literacy in Science. 

As well as encouraging students to strive for academic excellence staff members aim to inspire them to understand and appreciate the world they live in.

Science Curriculum

In recent years there has been significant changes to the curriculum. The most noticeable change is the shift of emphasis towards experimental and investigative work. Embracing these changes Science staff have dedicated themselves to developing courses that best suit the needs of our student cohort.

The Science laboratories at Lumen Christi are very well resourced due to the increased access to technology science staff can offer a wide range of opportunities for teaching the fundamentals of multimedia and computer applications within the context of Science. 

Practical Learning Approach

The science curriculum extends beyond the classroom through use of the science garden and College grounds for experiments. 

Field trips, excursions and camps are also an important element in the hands on experiences of science at Lumen Christi. This has developed wonderful practical, hands-on experiences which positively engages students and enhances their learning. 

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