Home Economics

With so many cooking and home make over programs streamed to us on such a regular basis it is not surprising that a resurgence in Home Economics has been experienced in recent years; in particular Food Creation.  The mediums of both textile and food provide wonderful opportunities through which individuals can express their creativity.

Lower School

From Year 7 Home Economics courses enable students to begin learning basic skills in the creation of food. Building on these foundations in subsequent helps equip students for independent and community living.  

From Year 8 onwards students begin to have choices with the electives, and may continue with Food Creation or opt for a course in Textile Craft for half the year. 

In Year 9 either of the course may be undertaken for the whole year.   An additional option in Year 10 is the Children, Family and Community course.  This course offers an excellent grounding for those who may be looking towards a career in education, health or other family related services.  

Upper School

Students with a passion for cooking or the desire to work in the hospitality industry love the spacious environment of our fabulous state of the art kitchen.  Young people who choose to follow courses in Food Science and Technology or Children, Family and Community in Year 11 and 12 enhance their knowledge and skills as a stepping stone into a career beyond life at Lumen.