The Arts

The Arts disciplines at Lumen Christi College include music, drama, dance, visual arts and design. We enjoy magnificent, state-of-the-art facilities at our Performing Arts Centre with superbly equipped classrooms, rehearsal areas and a music lab. 

Our staff are passionate about art and work tirelessly to ensure many exciting opportunities are available to Lumen Christi students.

There are formal, state-approved courses to prepare for further studies at University or Vocational Education and Training (VET). In addition, there are courses that engage students in the love of The Arts. 

Our students have the opportunity to experience The Arts at all levels of sophistication; from the classics through to contemporary art forms. 

Art and Design

Visual Arts includes painting, ceramics, printing, sculpture, stage design and more. Students are encouraged to take part in art competitions and exhibitions.

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Students study a range of different musical styles including classical, contemporary and jazz. Lumen Christi encourages students to take part in bands, choir and choral groups. 

At Lumen, we encourage our music students to take part in performances, competitions and provide students with the opportunity to perform at formal and informal functions. Music students may also participate in national and international music tours.

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Dance at Lumen Christi exposes students to a range of different dance forms. These include classical, contemporary, tap, boys movement and breakdance. Our students are encouraged to explore their own choreography and learn from others.

We have a number of performances throughout the year, such as showcases, competitions, liturgical dance and formal and informal College functions. 

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Drama students engage in all aspects of the theatre. The Theatre Studies course at Lumen Christi not only includes acting technique but production and design involving sets, costumes, sound and lighting. 

Lumen Christi productions are of a professional standard giving students insight into a career in the theatre. 

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