Lower School

Year 7

Students will experience Drama by being involved in a short ‘taster‘ course in their first year at Lumen Christi. This course runs for a term and students will have drama once a week. 

They will learn performance skills and act out a melodrama play in class for their peers. Students are also involved in various warm up activities that teach them voice, movement and character skills. 

This is a great course to get students to feel comfortable performing and talking in front of their peers.

Year 8

In Year 8 students select to study Drama as an elective. Students that enrol in Drama in year 8 will have class once a week for a semester. 

This course teaches students about improvisation skills through the study of theatre sports. Students will also do workshops in mime and movement and stage combat. Students will develop their own plays and characters for performance.

Year 9

Year 9's that elect to enrol in Drama will have class twice a week. This course provides a good balance of practical and written work. 

Students will learn skills to assist writing and performing a play. They will explore theatre styles such as Commedia Dell’Arte, which emerged from Italy in the 16th Century. 

Students will also be introduced into the world of design and the theatre and learn a variety of production skills.

Year 10

Year 10's have Drama twice a week. This course allows students to visit the theatre and learn how to critically review performances. Students will study different forms and styles of drama including Greek Theatre, Realism and Verbatim Theatre. 

Texts that students will study include ‘The Shifting Heart’ and ‘Antigone’. They will study the acting theory behind these forms of theatre and be introduced to theorists such as Stanislavski and Brecht. 

Students will also develop skills in costume, sound, lighting and set design. 

Upper School 

Lumen Christi upper school students have the opportunity to study Stage 2 Drama in year 11 and Stage 3 Drama in year 12. These courses allow students to receive an ATAR score from their Drama course.

Students selecting drama as an examination course allows them to not only receive a mark through written examinations but also through practical. 

Drama in upper school is a large commitment. Students will need to attend after school rehearsals and excursions after hours including theatre visits and practical courses offered by expert practitioners.

Upper school Drama students will have class five times a week. These classes will be allocated into practical and theory lessons. 

Students will be involved in the major school production or a Year 12 production each of which occur bi-annually. These co-curricular activities develop students’ understandings of texts, acting theory, monologues and public speaking as well as offering technical workshops in backstage management, direction, lighting and sound.

Drama education enhances career development, fostering personal growth and confidence through transferable skills such as public speaking, debating and the sharing of values and opinions. Job opportunities could include: Film and Television, Performing Arts Technician, Stagehand, Producer, Actor, Costume Designer, Playwright, Set Design, Theatre Critic, Director and many more!