Gifted & Talented Program (GATS)

Gifted and Talented Program (GATS)

The Gifted & Talented Program that is recognised universally is known at Lumen Christi College as GATS (Gifted & Talented Students).  The GATS Program recognises intellectual giftedness within the student body. 

This encompasses:

  • General intelligences
  • Fluid, crystallised reasoning
  • Verbal, numerical, special reasoning
  • Memory
  • Procedural learning
  • Behavioural observations

A Gifted & Talented student demonstrates:

  • Practical problem-solving ability
    • Reasons logically and well
    • Identifies connections among ideas
    • Sees all aspects of a problem
    • Keeps an open mind
  • Verbal ability
    • Speaks clearly and articulately
    • Verbally fluent
    • Converses well
    • Is knowledgeable about a particular field of knowledge
  • Social competence
    • Accept others for what they are
    • Admit mistakes
    • Displays interest in the world at large
    • Is on time for appointments

Students enter the program ideally through indication and possibly after sitting a specially designed assessment known as the Nelson Non Verbal.  This test is highly reliable and valid and does not disadvantage students who may have a learning disability. 

Students are also identified anecdotally by class teachers and through academic records.  Students identified as gifted are then invited to take part. The GATS Program extends beyond Year 8 and into Years 9 and 10.  

Students who enter the program do not gain automatic entry into GATS in other years. Conversely, those who may have missed out in one year may be invited to participate in the following years.  

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