More About GATS

Talented & Gifted students playing a 3D board game

The Gifted & Talented program is offered to students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10, who are invited to participate in a program of discovery learning, self-instruction and multiple intelligences learning.  Students are encouraged to “think outside the box”, develop their lateral thinking skills and reach their full potential.  The program incorporates material across the breadth of the curriculum as applied to the topic they explore. 

For example, in a study of ‘flight’ students may study topics in Physics linked with Newtonian equations of motion, Bernoulli’s Principles and other related Mathematics and Physics concepts.  Some of the other interesting and diverse topics include Forensics, Construction of Computerised Robots, Web Design, Virtual Reality and Factors affecting Crystal Growing.  Linguistic Skills are also highlighted with Debating, Presentation Skills, Marketing & Advertising, Problem Solving, Sustainable Living and Biodiversity. 

Research is a strong component of the program, encouraging young minds to explore alternative viewpoints and to critique accepted theories, values, codes and attitudes.

At each year level the programs are designed to explore and enjoy an enhanced learning environment outside the mainstream classroom, which is challenging and stimulating.  Students are encouraged to apply the learning concepts covered in the course to other subjects in their timetable.  Students are also offered tertiary experiences through university visits and through visits by university staff to the College campus.  Excursions also provide added stimuli to the students’ learning.

The courses conclude with a GATS Evening in which the students from each year group are encouraged to showcase their learning.

Educational Excursions

GATS student participate in a number of excursions designed to ignite their curiosity and passion for learning. Each year group will partake in at least one educational visit. 

Lumen Christi GATS students are also regularly invited to visit WA Universities and participate in Science experiments at CSIRO and Sci-Tech. 

In 2012, Year 9 students participated in the Race Around The Campus as part of the Aspire UWA program. Students were set tasks specific to the discipline they visited. 

For example, in the Engineering Department they were split into four groups representing poor and rich nations. Each group was given a specific amount of money they could spend to buy filtering material, which included sand, pebbles and gravel based on their nations standards. They were then given the same sample of filthy black water and asked to filter it. The one that produced the clearest sample won the prize. 

The Gifted and Talented Showcase

GATS students present and display their projects for the year in an exhibition format that has proven to be extremely popular over the last few years. The Showcase is always accompanied by an insightful presentation by a key note speaker who is at the top of their field.

Notable Key Note Speakers include Dr. Ralph Martins, Head of Alzheimer’s WA and Dr. Julian Rodrigues, a Neuro-Physician and researcher who provided the audience with fascinating insights into how the brain could be stimulated with electricity and stopping tremors in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Recent GATS Student Excellence

Lumen Christi GATS students prosper in an environment that challenges their minds and pushes them to consider new ideas. Our students have gone onto many rewarding experiences and careers after graduating from Lumen Christi. 

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