GATS Excellence

Architectural Summer Studio Scholarship Winner Megan Gray

Architectural Summer Studio Scholarships

Megan Gray (pictured) and Stephen Fletcher, under the Aspire UWA pathway have been nominated by our Arts and Technology Departments to the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts Summer School Studio. If successful, they will receive full scholarship monies. Including course material paid for by the University of Western Australia.

Science Experience Awards

From the many Colleges competing in Western Australia, it was with great delight that we were informed that Daniel Ferguson and Bethany Parker from Year 10 had been chosen for the Science Experience Award with the scholarship monies being paid for by the University of Western Australia.  This will enable them to experience some hands-on science, what it’s like to be a university student, meet, listen and discuss with leading scientists and engineers and think about future options.

Murdoch University WA Science and Engineering Summer School

Lachlan Alp and Genevieve Rose were nominated for the program which runs from the 13th to the 18th January 2013, enabling the participants to interact with some of Australia’s leading scientists and industrial leaders whilst engaging in engineering studies. We were pleased when Genevieve was chosen to represent the College. The cost of the scholarship was covered by our SLT.

The National Science Youth Forum Canberra

Clinton Barrett and Kaylish Menzie were nominated by the College and  Maddington Rotary. The process involves many rounds of eliminations, interviews and presentations to Rotary members. Our students were successful until the last round but unfortunately did not make it through the final round.

MedEntry Bursary

Vincent Tuyen Tai Phan was nominated for the MedEntry UMAT Preparation course. It was extremely pleasing to note that he was successful and received the full bursary, covering the tuition cost and subsidized course material. We wish him all success in obtaining a medical placement.