Primary Instrumental Program (PIP)

Young girl performs on stage with guitar at Lumen Live

Getting Started

The Primary Instrumental Program offers students professional music tuition on a comprehensive range of instruments. 

The Primary Instrumental Program caters for students of all abilities, from beginner to advanced. Students require no experience with an instrument and tuition is open to all students at Good Shepherd, St Munchin’s and Sacred Heart Primary Schools. 

Students who learn a Band Instrument will be invited to join the Lumen Christi College Junior Band once they have mastered the basic skills.


Lessons take place on a weekly basis with students attending an individual 20 minute lesson, or a 30 minute group lesson, during school hours. The student will receive a total of 32 lessons per year.

Fees for lessons are paid in advance at the beginning of Semester One. 

A music diary is supplied to record homework practice and for the tutor to communicate with the student and parents. Students will be required to purchase their own sheet music and books.

Group Lessons

If more than one student is interested in learning an instrument at the same level we will look at offering a longer, shared 30 minute lesson for the same rate (maximum 3 students). Students are placed in groups at the discretion of the Tutor. Group lessons are not offered on Violin, Piano, Guitar or Drums.


Parents must notify Tutors of any absences before 8.00am on the day of the lesson. If sufficient notice is given, Tutors will make up the lesson at a later date. Fees will not be refunded when sufficient notice is not received by the Tutor. Although Tutors will receive a copy of the respective school calendar, please do not assume they will know which classes or if students are on excursions etc. on a given day.

Instruments on Offer








French Horn