Private Bus Services

Private Bus Services

Lumen Christi College offers a Private Bus Service in conjunction with Buswest.

The Private Bus Service is available to Lumen Christi College students only, providing a greater level of safety for daily student travel and peace of mind for our families.

The Private Bus Route currently offered is:

Canning Vale Service:
(servicing Piara Waters, Harrisdale, Canning Vale, Huntingdale, Southern River and Gosnells)

Payment Options

All Bus Tickets must be purchased prior to travel as there is no facility to purchase tickets on the bus itself. Payments can be made via cash or cheque in person. Credit card payments can be made in person or over the telephone by contacting the Finance Office (T: 9394 9323) during normal school hours.

Option 1: Book of 20 Tickets $46.50

This option enables students who catch the bus on a regular basis to purchase a Book of 20 One Way Tickets from Student Services.

Option 2: Casual One Way Ticket $5 per ride

This option enables students who rarely catch the bus to purchase a Casual One Way Ticket from Student Services.

Bus Ticket Policy

All Tickets must be purchased prior to travel as there is no facility to purchase tickets on the bus itself. Parents of students who have not paid for their bus tickets will be notified. 

The following procedure will be adopted regarding any such non-payment:

  1. A letter will be sent to parents detailing outstanding payments.
  2. Seven working days will be extended for payment to be made.
  3. A charge of $5 will be raised to cover administrative costs of the outstanding bus rides.
  4. The College has the right to withdraw access to the service should outstanding fees remain unpaid.

Bus Etiquette

Lumen Christi College Students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature manner when riding the bus to and from the College. Any student behaving in a disruptive or unacceptable manner may be refused access to the bus in future and the College Behaviour Management Policy will be acted upon in order to deal with the student. 


The Lumen Christi Private Bus Service and Routes have been developed after two years of needs analysis and parent surveys. We understand that there will be a period where the bus routes are not utilised to their full capacity, as the student body gains awareness of this service, however if a route or a stop continues to be unpopular, management will need to reconsider including it in the service. 

Alterations to Existing Bus Routes Register

Registering Interest for Alteration to Private Bus Routes

Families can request a change to a Lumen Christi College Private Bus Route by completing the form below or from the College Reception. The routes will be reviewed at the end of each semester.

As always, Lumen Christi College seeks to work with and alongside families in order to achieve positive outcomes for our students. This new initiative has the potential to provide a vital service to our College community and I trust that it will be well supported by a sufficient number of families to make it viable into the future.

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