Absentee Hotline

Absentee Hotline

Call 9394 9345 or email studentservices@lumen.wa.edu.au

Absence from School

Student enrolment and attendance is governed by legislation (The School Education Act 1999), which states that compulsory attendance at school is required up until the end of the year the student turns 17 (unless participating in full-time training or/and employment). Absences from school should be infrequent and for as short a time as possible.

It is a legal requirement for parents to contact the College regarding any student absences. Parents should ring the Absentee Line (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) on 93949345 by 9.00am on the day of the absence with the following information:

Name of student

Year and Homeroom group

Reason for absence and expected length of absence

Your name and relationship to the student

Parents are required to inform the College if the absence is expected to be extended.

If the College has not received notification of a student’s absence by 9.30am, Student Services will either SMS or telephone parents. This is very time consuming for Student Services and can be inconvenient for parents. Please avoid the necessity of the College telephoning by ensuring that Student Services is notified of your son’s/daughter’s absence.

At the end of that day if a student’s absence is still unexplained, an electronically generated letter, with a reply slip, will be sent home to the parent requiring an explanation for the absence.

The reply slip must be given to Student Services on the first day of the student’s return to school. Special note will be taken of any pattern of absences and follow up will be initiated if required.

A medical certificate must be supplied on the student’s return if the absence is more than three (3) days.

Absences during Examinations

A student who has suffered from illness or disability prior to or during the examination period and believes that this has affected his/her performance should contact the Deputy Principal of Teaching & Learning for this to be taken into consideration. Contact should be made as soon as possible. A medical certificate is required or the matter must be discussed directly with the Deputy Principal prior to or on the day of the missed examination. The student will be required to sit the examination at a later date, except where circumstances deem it unnecessary by the Deputy Principal. The student’s result will be based on the semester/year’s work and the examination result compared to the semester/year’s results.

Where a student misses an examination for an acceptable reason other than illness (school approved trips, overseas sports commitments), then the student’s results will be derived based on the student’s rank order in the class and any other evidence to provide information. This method is similar to the method used by the Curriculum Council when a student unavoidably misses a WACE examination. The student will be required, where possible, to sit the examination on his/her return.

Absences: Extended absences due to illness

Students who are absent from the College for extended periods due to illness require consideration.

In the first instance, parents must contact their child's Head of House to ensure that the student is supported in the best way possible. 

Heads of House will inform the teachers of the student’s absence and the method of contact that needs to be made with the student or parent to ensure that the student is able to keep up with work.

Where absences are lengthy e.g. beyond two (2) weeks, then further discussions will need to take place between the Heads of House, the Deputy Principal (Pastoral Care) and Parent on how to ensure that the student does not fall behind in his/her learning program.

Work may be given in specific detail according to the limits set by the illness.

A medical certificate must be supplied on the student’s return if the absence is more than three (3) days.

It is the parent’s responsibility to arrange for collection and return of the work. Staff are not obliged to go to extraordinary lengths to cater for such students, but will provide as adequate support as possible to fit the circumstances.

Absences: Extended absences due to holidays

Absence from school for the purpose of a holiday would need to be for an exceptional reason. Parents therefore are required to take responsibility for the consequences of this absence. It is the student’s responsibility to catch up on all missed work. The timetable, learning program and the assessment schedule will proceed. Students are provided with a course and assessment outlines for all their subjects. The student or family should organise for friends to collect materials and keep the student informed.

Where a decision has been made to take holidays during the school term then parents are to write to the Head of House, detailing the reason for the absence from school.

The Head of House will then issue an ‘Application for Extended Leave of Absence’ Form to the student. This form must be completed and returned to the Head of House, two weeks PRIOR to the commencement of the extended absence. 

Teachers cannot be expected to undertake a significant additional workload nor jeopardise the integrity of their tests and assessments in order to meet the needs of students who are absent under these circumstances. As a consequence there is a possibility that a student’s results may be compromised.