Depending on your career choice, you may need to study at University level to secure the required qualification. University education opens a number of different professional doorways. 

If you decide to go to University, you may choose to study domestically or internationally. Western Australia has a number of great Universities, but students are also encouraged to review their course choices at institutions on the Eastern side of Australia, or overseas. 

University is for Everyone

University has become more accessible than ever. Students can opt to pay upfront fees or gain financial assistance by deferring the payments with any of a number of available funding schemes (HECS, Australian Government FEE-Help Scheme, Government Commonwealth Grant Scheme).

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Alternative Pathways To University

If you have not been successful in gaining entry to University due to poor exam performance or insufficient course choice in Upper School, there are other pathways to a University degree. Successful completion of the following programs will allow for entry to your chosen course: