Community Service

The essence of Lumen Christi College’s Community Service Program is ‘Faith in Action’.

Each of us is called to live in community and to do what we can to ensure that the experience is as positive as possible for every member.

Community Service is more than merely helping out.  It is a conscious decision to give of our time and talents to support the needs of others, in God’s name.  It is an act of charitable self-giving that benefits others in a personal or practical way, but without resulting in financial gain.

All students in Years 7 to 11 are required to undertake and complete a specific component of the Community Service Program each year. While the focus for each year group is different, central to each is the belief that our faith calls us to care for all that God has created.   

The progressive nature of the program helps students to develop an understanding of their responsibilities as citizens and members of a Christian Community. Through selfless giving of their time and talents students develop their spirit.  Most soon recognise that in in giving they too receive personally and spiritually.

Successful completion of each Community Service component is a requirement for Graduation in Year 12.  The number of Community Service hours earned will be recorded on each students End of Year Report.

Students’ Community Service commitments include:



Hours of Commitment


‘Home Based Learning’ Program



‘Around the Block’ Program



‘Community Challenge’ Program



‘Community Challenge’ Program



‘Volunteers’ Program



Please contact the Ministry Coordinator,  Anne Kennedy, with any queries regarding Community Service.