Community Service

Throughout history, serving others has been the mark of a great person – from people like Saint Mary of the Cross to Jesus himself. Taking time to put others first is an important part of being human and something as Christians that we strive to achieve in following the footsteps of Jesus.

Serving the community, whether it is household, school or helping out at a local aged care facility, is all about – ‘Faith in Action’

Lumen Christi College students have specific Community Service responsibilities, fulfilment of which is an essential component towards College Graduation. The requirements are as outlined below:

Year 7 - ‘Serving at Home’  (15 hours)
This program is encourages students to experience service in a positive way working alongside family members and friends, uncovering new talents and interests in the process.

Year 8 - ‘Around the Block’  (15 hours)
n this second phase of the program students look beyond their home environment to see how they can give time to support their school, parish and/or local civic organisation

Year 9 - ‘Community Challenge 1’  (10 hours, 5 In-house plus 5 others)
hase 3 of the program involves students in a team based activity in school during a weekend. Students can opt to join one of a series of Saturday sessions to fulfil this compulsory component. The remaining 5 hours are for self-directed community linked work in a not-for-profit organisation.

Year 10 - ‘Community Challenge 2’  (10 hours, 5 In-house plus 5 others)
he Year 10 students also complete a compulsory team based activity which supports the outreach program in India. Students will earn 4-5 for this activity, depending on their level of involvement. The remaining hours must be accomplished with a ‘not for profit’ organisation of the student’s choice in their own time. Students may choose to complete more than 5 hours with one or more organisation and then continue this through into Year 11. 

Year 11 - ‘Community Challenge Phase 3’  (10 hours)
This program requires 10 hours of self-sourced activities in a ‘not for profit’ organisation, for example, Good Samaritan industries, or similar.

Graduation cannot occur without the completion of all the Community Service hours by the end of Year 11. Total time required for graduation for Years 7 to 11: 60 hours.