Student Leadership Team

Lumen Christi College blazer displaying Student Leadership Team badges

The Student Leadership Team for 2018

Principal: Darren O’Neill  
SLT Coordinator: Tim Redden
Head Boy: Lachlan Britto  
Head Girl: Rikaya Foster  
Deputy Head Boy: Vijay Nair  
Deputy Head Girl: Katrina York  

House Captains
Campbell MacKillop Salvado Tagney Yagan
Kira Todd Ashlinn Fair    Carly Meyer   Zoe Clegg    Sarah La Vanda 

Mitchell Cusworth    

Bradley Dixon       Patrick Murphy       Julius Chota   Tiahna Ruane  

Arts Captains
Band Dance Drama Visual Arts Choir
Linda Solomon   Jenayah Malasits      Bethany Wilkinson     Rebecca Ferguson      Vanessa Palliser  

Sports Captains

Georgie Baxter    Lachlan Mutard   

Mission & Service Captains

Shania D'Souza    Chloe Hazebroek    Roseanne McStravick

College Ambassadors

Alyssa Chrystall    Amelia Edmonds-Coad    Shelby McDonald
Patrick Morton   John Padua Zachary Rodrigues

Student Leaders by Year 

Year 8  Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12

Chloe Almstrom
Kurtani Blackwood-Pasifa
Akisha Cheng
Jasmine Dandie
Kiara Downie
Darcy Gibbon
Natasha Hubycki
Ashleigh Lloyd
Tahirah McGowan
Mitchell McLeod
Gomolemo Nong
Shevana Pado
Enna Vujanovic
Hudson Wheeler

Georgianna Boyd
Jasmine Cash
Esmond Clement
Sebastian Darr
Sofia Angela de Guzman
Breanna Larissa Escoto
Ella Friedlos
Jessica Garratt
Dechlan Graham
Trinity Graham
Monique Le Bon
Jon Liew
Thomas Morton
Chloe Van Der Merwe

Shayden Bettridge
Harrison Chowdhurie
Naomi Dillon
Avneet Gill
Corben Johnson
Danielle Kaslar
Jordan Kelly
Cameron Mccagh
Mitchell Wise
Brendan York


Tashinga Chitiyo
Aileen James
Devanathan Navaneethakrishnan
Georgia Pescod

Adam Crestani
Asher Italiano
Nikita Kalyan
Connor Lochmuller
Mikaella Magno
Tristan Tarrant


Purpose of the Student Leadership Team

The overarching aim of the Student Leadership team is to assist all students to appreciate themselves as stakeholders in the College. To this end, all students are encouraged to actively participate in the life of the College, in particular the activities which directly impact on them as individuals and the morale of the student body. 

The Lumen Christi Student Leadership Team exists to: 

  1. Provide for student expression through service to the College. 
  2. Work with staff in seeking positive ways to enhance leadership, initiative and responsibility among the total student body. 
  3. Support the Principal and staff by upholding the Religious, Social and Educational objectives of the College. 

Requirements for Membership

Those who wish to apply to join the Student Leadership Team must be able to demonstrate:

  • A positive attitude towards the College, including commitment to the College Mission. 
  • Their support of a range of College activities and events. 
  • Adherence to College uniform and grooming standards. 
  • An exemplary record regarding behaviour in class (preparedness for lessons, submission of work on time) and in general (no repeat detentions or infringement of College Policies). 
  • Satisfactory completion of Community Service requirements. 
  • A keen sense of responsibility. 
  • A high level of motivation including a willingness to work with and learn from their peers. 


Students are invited to apply to serve as a Student Leader for their House. The combined cohort of House Leaders will make up the College Student Leadership Team

There is a limit to the overall number of student leaders that can be approved. Inevitably some students may therefore be disappointed. However, opportunities will be available throughout the year for such students to exercise leadership within their House and the general school community. This involvement will prove valuable to students when applying to be a student leader the following year. 

Each year student applications are invited for the following: 

  • Years 8 to 11 to the general pool of House and College Leadership Teams. Successful applicants also have the opportunity to become a member of one of the SLT Committees. 
  • Students moving into Year 10 who have previous experience on the Finance Team may nominate for the position of Treasurer (see expectations). 
  • Students moving into Year 11 have the opportunity to nominate to be a Committee Leader or to nominate for the position of Secretary or College Ambassador (see expectations). 
  • Students moving into Year 12 have the option to nominate for any of the following positions: HouseCaptains, Arts Captains (Music, Band, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts), Head Boy/Girl, and Deputy Head Boy/Girl. 

Additional information regarding Designated Leadership Roles of:
Head Boy and Head Girl, College Ambassador, Treasurer, Secretary, Committee Leader

Assessment Process

Nominations will be considered against the criteria specified by: 

  • Heads of House 
  • Student Leadership Coordinators


Interviews for the membership of the Student Leadership Team will take place as follows: 

  • Years 8 to 11 via year group interview with College Principal and/or other designated staff. 
  • Year 11 Students nominating for the role of College Ambassador will be interviewed by the College Principal and the SLT Coordinator. 
  • Year 12 Students nominating for House and Arts Captains will be interviewed by the Principal and respective Leadership staff. 
  • Year 12 Students nominating for the positions of Head Boy and Head Girl will be required to speak to the Year 12 cohort, in the presence of the College Principal, SLT Coordinator and other designated staff members. 


  • Year 11 Students nominating to be a Committee Leader or Secretary - During the Leadership day in October students will have the opportunity to put themselves forward for these positions. The decision will be subject to the vote of the general student leadership cohort. 

Current SLT staff members whom students may approach with questions are: Mrs Branson, Ms Boughton, Mrs Gaffney, Ms Kennedy, Mrs Mead, Mrs Murphy, Mr Voakes. 

Application Timelines

Applications: Applications available from Term 3. Applications for all Student Leadership Team positions are to be submitted online by a date TBC and a signed checklist submitted to Ms Bush, Personal Assistant to the College Principal. 

Interviews: To take place in Term 3. 
Successful Applicants: Will be notified by the end of Term 3 and will be: 

  • Formally presented to the student body at an assembly in October. 
  • Required to attend: 
    Leaders’ Workshop
    in October in the College Library. The Workshop will include a series of seminars on Leadership and the opportunity to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of Leadership, in general, and in relation to the various Committees.      
    Student Leaders’ Camp
      at Point Walter in December. Students will take part in a range of leadership activities and planning  for the year ahead.
    Student Leaders Planning and Preparation Session in the week prior to the start of the School Year.