Academic Enhancement Programs

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Gifted & Talented Academic Extension (GATS)

At Lumen Christi College the Gifted & Talented (GATS) program is run in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 as an elective. Students are chosen based on teacher recommendations and academic performance. Students are then invited to participate in the GATS Elective through an invitation letter that is sent home. 

Students undertake two classes per week and it is sought to increase the efficacy of the course through an extension and application of the regular curriculum, which includes Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities & Social Sciences. 

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Hands on Tuition

Year 12 students are able to take part in the Hands on Tuition program organised by Lumen Christi College to assist them in preparing for their Year 12 exams. 

The classes provide comprehensive revision in a supportive environment, prior to the Year 12 Mock Exams. Participants receive personal tuition with teacher to student ratio's sometimes 1:1.

An expression of interest letter will be sent home and parents/guardians are asked to respond as soon as possible as to whether their Year 12 child will be participating in extra tuition and what subject they require.

Mentor-Mentee Program

The Mentor program benefits students by giving them the support and guidance they need to help plan and act for their future.

In most instances, students are placed with mentors from their own Houses and with teachers who have taught them and saw them on a regular basis.  

Aspire UWA

Lumen Christi College has benefited greatly from the Aspire UWA program run by the University of Western Australia. We are fortunate in being one of the 18 schools chosen to participate within the outer metropolitan area. 

The Aspire UWA program recently received a Federal funding boost of $5. 9 million and will now broaden activities into Years 7 and 8. Prior to this funding, students joined the program in Year 9. 

Aspire UWA helps them focus on achieving tertiary qualifications in a very competitive environment. This is achieved through University visits and the Aspire UWA team visiting the College. 

The Aspire UWA team (including past students who are now Student Ambassadors studying at UWA) visit the College for educational interaction with our Year 10 students in the areas of commerce, medicine and engineering. 

The sessions are challenging and educational. Year 12 students participate in a Study Skills session. These interactive visits have resulted in student interest in continuing on to University studies increasing with exposure to the Aspire UWA visits.

University Academic Sessions

Throughout the first three terms of the year, during some of the seminar periods, speakers from universities presented information to students, with a question and answer session at the end. 

The speakers are generally Heads of Departments or Professors with an excellent insight into their fields. The Academics come from varied disciplines and the object is to present students with a wide variety of information about the qualifications within a discipline, course detail and job prospects with which they can make informed decisions about their future.

Parental feedback regarding these seminars indicates that they have been successful in motivating students into choosing a pathway for tertiary education.

UWA Academy for Young Mathematicians

Lumen Christi students now have the opportunity to register at the UWA Academy for Young Mathematicians. 

The objective is to broaden and develop their mathematical knowledge, involve them in problem solving and extend their range of mathematical skills. 

The Academy for Young Mathematicians is open to Year 10 and 11 students with advanced students from Year 9. Classes run from March and are held every Saturday at UWA under the esteemed tutelage of Professor Luchezar Stoyanov.

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