The following list outlines each award presented at the Lumen Christi College Annual Presentation Evening. Click on the link to reveal the explanation of the award. 

ADF Long Tan - Leadership & teamwork Awards Year 10

Acknowledges the Year 10 student who has demonstrated the following Leadership and Teamwork qualities as defined by ADF:
  • Leadership – A student who achieves leadership results to a very good standard.
  • Teamwork - A team player who fosters cooperation within teams and routinely makes a positive contribution to the team’s performance.
  • Values – A student whose knowledge, appearance and behaviour demonstrate respect for the values of the school and the community.
  • Problem Solving – A student who generates workable solutions to problems.
  • Resourcefulness – An enthusiastic student who is resourceful in completing tasks within guidelines provided by teachers.
  • Communicator – A student who communicates well with others to complete a task.
  • Cooperator - A student who cooperates well with others to complete a task.
  • Community Involvement – A student who is involved in some sort of community activity.