The following list outlines each award presented at the Lumen Christi College Annual Presentation Evening. Click on the link to reveal the explanation of the award. 

Lumen Christi College Medal – Excellence Award Year 12

Acknowledges the Year 12 student who:

  • Considers the needs of others within the College and the wider community.
  • Initiates or participates in projects and activities within the College and or the community.
  • Is supportive and respectful of teachers, family and peers.
  • Is willing to accept responsibility and is an inspiration to other students through their actions and leadership.
  • Maintains a positive attitude to life and strives for their best.
  • Is willing to seek advice and act upon it.
  • Encourages others to recognise their uniqueness, self-worth and achieve their full potential.
  • Is an example to others and able to work cooperatively, as part of a group, to reach goals.
  • Is a ‘Light of Christ’ in the way they interact with others, both students and staff.
  • Follows College Uniform and Grooming requirements.
  • Has achieved 60 hours or more of Community Service.
  • Has consistently achieved above the benchmark of 80% positive ratings for their Personal Performance Indicators.