Building Fund

Previous generations have contributed significantly to the development of our College. The current generation of students is benefiting directly from this tradition of vision and generosity. The question we, the current College Community, are called to contemplate is:

“What will be our legacy to the present and future generations of Lumen Christi students?”

Lumen Christi College Building Fund (LCCBF)

The role of the LCCBF is to work closely with the College Board, the Principal and the broader College community to accumulate funds in order to provide for the ongoing needs of Lumen Christi as an educational institution.

The LCCBF is a key part of Lumen Christi’s capacity to continually upgrade and maintain the amenities that are available to the students. While government grants and tuition fees cover a significant portion of a student’s education, they do not and cannot provide all the funds necessary to undertake major construction and refurbishment projects. 

There is sometimes a mistaken perception in the community that the College has adequate funds on which to draw in order to finance such endeavours. The reality is that without the generous and active support from the broader College community, Lumen Christi would not have the financial capacity to complete major projects.

This is why the LCCBF was established. Its mission is to seek financial support for the ongoing development of the College and to protect it from any possible future reductions in government funding. 

The LCCBF offers a very tangible way for students, parents, staff and friends of the College, both past and present, to share in the provision of our future needs.

Proceeds from the LCCBF can be used for:

  • Painting and general maintenance of school buildings, and building insurance
  • Expenditure on floor coverings which are fixed to the floor of the school building
  • Construction or purchase expenses and associated financing costs.

Funds cannot be used for buying furniture, equipment and materials, maintaining sports grounds and car parks, teacher salaries or recurrent running expenses of the school.

Contributing to the Building Fund

There are several ways in which contributions can be made to the LCCBF. The most significant way in which funds are contributed is through donations. The Giving Appeal invites parents to give while their child is at the College. 

Donations may be paid in one lump sum or through periodic contributions. Most donors choose to pay their gift over a five year period. These donations are tax deductible as the LCCBF complies with the Australian Tax Office requirements.

Please consider carefully the legacy you can help to create. 


The College would like to formally acknowledge the following people for their contributions:
John & Sharyn Geerlings
Katie & Josh Eiffler
Sandra Castellarin
The Fletcher Family
The Gherardi Family
The Poole Family
The Rubzen Family
Walk on Floors