Community Mass

by User Not Found Feb 26, 2016

Our annual College Community Mass was held on Sunday, 21 February and it was very pleasing to see the very large number of students, parents and staff gathered to celebrate God’s active presence in our lives, and to pray for ongoing growth and success throughout the year. 

There is great strength and potential in our unity as a College Community coming together to share our common commitment to living out Gospel values and seeking the best for the students in our care. In the morally complex and conflicting world that young people confront today, our modelling is vitally important in providing stability, purpose and structure to the daily lives of our students. 

Gathering in prayer, sharing the Eucharist and enjoying the company of others are all symbolic of our role as a Catholic School, and a real and effective example of us as a community. Our celebration was a powerful statement about our existence as a faith community. 

I am also aware that some of those in attendance were not Catholic and I am delighted that they consider our College, and indeed our Church, to be places of welcome and inclusion. Our Mass also afforded us with a wonderful opportunity to commission the respective members of the College Board for 2016. 

In a very simple ceremony, each Board member received a blessing from the congregation and received a candle symbolising their role in providing direction for the future of the College. 

Father Thomas added these words, “God our Father, source of all light, fill the hearts of these your servants with the light of faith. Bless these candles and make them holy. May those who receive the candles put their trust in Jesus Christ, the Light of the world, and the source from which our College draws its strength…”. 

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our College Board Members for 2016; 
  • Lincoln Morton (Board Chair) 
  • Joe Anile • Shane Beaumont 
  • David Dillon • Fr Pavol Herda 
  • Andrea Highman 
  • Andrew Joachim 
  • Annette Nicolson 
  • Steven Rees 
  • Jenny Skyner