Please Hair Our Plee

by User Not Found Mar 11, 2016

Year 12 Students, Adam Reader and Jared Stephenson (Head Boy), shaved their heads today along with thousands of Australians for the ‘2016 World’s Greatest Shave’ event.

Organised by the Leukaemia foundation, the World’s Greatest Shave is Australia’s largest annual fundraiser that works towards treatment of, and research into, various types of cancer such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. This year the Leukaemia Foundation’s goal for the event is to raise a total of $18,000,000. 

“Today, 34 Australians will be given the devastating news that they have leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma, and they will turn to the foundation for help. Adam and I feel strongly for the Leukaemia Foundation’s cause. We believe that everybody has felt the reaches of cancer whether through friends, colleagues or family,” said Jared. 

The Lumen Community, in particular, has felt the devastating effect that cancer can have with last year’s loss of their beloved teacher and friend, Giovani Cartoni. Adam and Jared set themselves the goal of raising $4,000 ($2,000 each) and whilst still busy collecting funds and needing your support, the students have definitely reached their goal of increasing awareness within the College Community. 

Adam and Jared really need your help. If you would like to support this fundraiser you can donate here. 

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