2017 Harmony Day at Lumen Christi College

by Lana Lynch Mar 23, 2017

On Wednesday, 22 March 2017 the staff and students at Lumen Christi College celebrated Harmony Day.  

The day stated well with staff having a traditional Canadian Breakfast. During an extended lunchtime parents and students took part in the day's activities by providing us with their 'personal cultural/heritage stories' and 'traditional family recipes' for general display in the Library. We also offered an 'Asian Cultural Food' ordering service, French Crepes, American Milkshakes and an 'Aussie/BBQ' with mock 'beach' seating area near the Senior Transition Centre.

Other activities included a ‘National or Cultural Costume’ competition that encouraged students and staff to express their family’s heritage through costume. We welcomed contributions to our ‘Community Heritage Map’ by students, parents and staff that allowed us to investigate the diverse backgrounds of our College members. In the Library there was a ‘Lollies from around the World’ taste tester session, a ‘Heritage’ PowerPoint, quizzes and activities about ‘National Flags, Cultural Dress', and displays on 'Diversity, Identity and Culture'.

The students experienced the cultural diversity in song and music that exists with the Student Leadership Team providing musical entertainment in the Jubilee Gardens, and African drumming. We also had an Egyptian Belly Dancer perform. One of the highlights of the day was a dance and didgeridoo performance by our Indigenous Australian staff and students.

It was an amazing day that both staff and students thoroughly enjoyed. With the main message of Harmony Day being one of cohesion and inclusion for everyone in Australia and to promote a tolerant and culturally diverse society, we believe this was certainly achieved for Harmony Day 2017 at Lumen Christi College.