Student Ministry

The mission of the Church is to evangelise. The late John Paul II referred to this as serving men and women by revealing to them the love of God made manifest in Jesus Christ.

Integral to every aspect of College life, evangelisation is the concern of every member of the College Community. Evangelisation is everything we do that promotes, develops and gives witness to faith. Ministry is the practical means through which individuals are helped to deepen their understanding of faith and of the presence of Christ within them.

The approach to ministry taken by Lumen Christi College staff aims to form young men and women committed to the love, compassion and justice of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Three distinct yet inter-related areas of focus help nurture the spirit within each student in order to achieve this aim:

  • The Religious Education programme; which informs the mind, promotes knowledge and understanding of Religion. 
  • Faith Development which calls for a response of the heart
  • Christian Service, a practical way of expressing faith and becoming the instruments of God’s work. This is promoted through both the Community Service and the College Outreach programs  

These three elements remind us that, like God, our spiritual development is not one dimensional, and impacts on every aspect of daily life. 

Faith Development

The distinct nature of a Catholic school is the promotion of a religious view of the world, based on the teachings of Jesus and the values of His Gospel. Short scripture quotes on the daily bulletin draw attention to these teachings and values. They remind our community that Christ is central to our purpose and being.

Through liturgical events, reflection days and professional development opportunities, staff and students spend time contemplating their own lives and their relationship with God. In class, as well as for the celebration of various feasts, different groups gather to give thanks to God or seek his support through prayer and the sacraments. 

The College is privileged to have the ongoing support of priests from the local parishes. Their involvement in the College helps to strengthen the links between family, school and wider church community