College Outreach

Through the College outreach program the Lumen community bears witness to the Gospel by reaching out to those in need. 

Our fundraising efforts emulate the love, compassion and justice demonstrated by Jesus, and is carried out in his name, with the support of the Holy Spirit. These actions are undertaken not for personal glory, but so that the love of God can be experienced in our world.

Running in tandem with the Service Learning the Outreach program is concerned with awareness raising and the generation of essential finance. Throughout the year students raise funds to support the work of local, national and international aid agencies. These include, Life Link, Caritas and the SVDP Society. 

By developing an understanding of the life circumstances of others students are able to appreciate the importance of our giving to those in need. While at different times of the year money is raised to contribute to a variety of good causes, the main recipient of Lumen Christi College Outreach is the Matrix Mission in Southern India.