Pastoral Care

Lumen Christi College Pastoral Care is committed to developing the whole person - socially, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically.

Pastoral Care at Lumen Christi College is about making the College a safe, supportive and happy place for everyone. It is evident within the College in three different levels. 

  1. Pastoral Care involves the environment that the students come in to each day.

    The College is a health-promoting community. We ensure that the physical environment is clean and safe. We have state of the art facilities and educational resources. 

    There is a very clearly articulated code of conduct and dress code that all members of the community are expected to adhere to.

    We also work towards achieving a culture where every person strives to be the best person and best student that they can possibly be.

  2. Pastoral care involves the programs that we strategically place in the curriculum that are designed to enhance all levels of the students’ wellbeing.

    We have a carefully planned scope and sequence of events ranging from Year 7 to Year 12. These programmes focus on building resilience through the science of Positive Psychology. Research shows us that a happy, contented and resilient student is one who does not and is not bullied; who is not adversely affected by peer pressure; who is a responsible digital citizen; is also one who is mentally and physically healthy, and importantly, who cares for others.

  3. Pastoral Care involves fostering positive and lasting relationships through our House system. 

    All students are placed in one of five Houses upon enrolment. Within each House, they are allocated to a small Homeroom Group which includes students from their own year group and other year groups. 

    This Homeroom Group, as well as the Homeroom Teacher and Heads of House, become key people as the students moves through their years at the College.  

    It is our aim that every student within the College can name their Homeroom Teacher and at least one significant other adult, as well as numerous peers within the College that they have built a positive relationship with, and feel comfortable confiding in.